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Author:  Mark [ Thu May 29, 2008 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Message Board Guidlines

Message Board Guidelines

The message board exists to provide a place for fans to gather and discuss Ian Hunter and music in general. Please remember that membership on this message board is a privilege, not a right. The following guidelines have been instituted to protect and maintain a friendly atmosphere on the message board.

The moderator’s job is to ensure that the guidelines are upheld. He has the right to edit or delete any post, at any time, at his sole discretion, if he deems the post to be in violation of these guidelines. He will attempt to enforce these guidelines consistently and even-handedly, but his interpretation of the guidelines is not subject to extended debate. If a member disagrees with the guidelines or the moderator’s interpretation of them, that member can simply opt not to enter the message board.

Inappropriate or objectionable material will be edited or deleted by the moderator upon discovery. If you see inappropriate or objectionable material on the message board that you believe the moderator may have missed, please send a private message identifying the forum, the topic, and the date and time of the post.

Inappropriate or objectionable material includes:

Personal Attacks: Any communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member, no matter how subtle. When responding to a member, be sure that you are addressing the member’s opinion, and not discussing the character of the poster. On the flip side, remember that there is a difference between a personal attack and taking something personally. When sharing your opinions, you can expect to be disagreed with - but you should not expect rudeness, insults or disrespect.

Agenda Posts: Posting repetitive subject matter in a style that suggests a personal, organized plan to persuade others to agree with a certain line of thought, action or opinion with a goal toward creating controversy or disagreement and without attempt to logically discuss the viewpoint put forth.

Baiting: Posting with the intention of provoking, harassing, or tormenting others or with the aim of tempting another poster to reply in a negative or defensive manner. Baiting also includes posts that are defamatory, slanderous, intentionally inaccurate, rude, offensive, hateful, obscene, irreverent, sexually oriented, harassing, menacing, mocking, or habitually sarcastic.

Trolling: Posts intended solely to annoy and/or offend other posters by going against the clear nature of the topic or the message board.

Thread Hijacking: Deliberately steering a discussion off topic, posting comments that add no value to a thread, or repeatedly disrupting threads to promote a certain opinion. Hijacking also includes the use of unusual formatting, such as excessive white space, to interfere with a thread.

Private Information: The posting of private information about a member is not permitted. Private information includes information such as addresses, phone numbers, employers, or family information, as well as the content of any messages sent to you by others via the Private Message system.

Bootlegs: This messageboard is not an apporriate forum to offer, request or publicize bootlegs or illegal downloads.

User signatures and avatars are allowed on the message board, but they must conform to these guidelines. Do not quote or reference other members in order to humiliate, embarrass, ridicule or disrespect them. The moderator reserves the right to delete signatures or avatars that interfere with the operation, readability, or harmony of the message board.

Disregard for these guidelines will result in a warning from the moderator via private message. The moderator may also remove your post, or edit the offending section. If you receive a warning from the moderator, you can usually assume that warnings have been issued to any other parties involved. Please do not discuss warnings or suspensions on the forum or with other members. A warning from the moderator should be treated as a notification, not an invitation to an extended debate. If a warning or two does not correct the behavior, the offending account may be suspended. Egregious violations, however, will result in immediate suspension without any warning whatsoever.

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