The Horse's Mouth

Issue #17 - October 10, 2001

Want to hear it straight from the Horse's Mouth? Ask your question here.

No, I'm not talking about September 11th. It hasn't penetrated yet and I can't add to what has already been said.

And onto the email:

Chris asks me what happened at the end of "Whizz Kid". He says the song cuts off and then there's a faint coda. "Was it intentional?" Beats me Chris. Can't remember. Everything was pretty much intentional on that record, but the reason why escapes me. See you at IP.

Sergio M - If I see you in Philly and there is time, we'll do it.

Lloyd Berg - Says put him on the mailing list. I think you've got to do that yourself - on the web page.

Rolf - Yes, I will be back in Norway soon. I'm going to do two nights in Oslo the last week in January. These two nights will be recorded and DVD'd. It will be a six piece band accompanied by a 20 piece orchestra. Bjorn Nessjo (who produced the Artful Dodger) is organizing it. We are looking into organizing a hotel/gig/airline package for anyone who is interested. When we know the details we will post it here. I'll be doing lots of the older stuff and perhaps a couple of surprises. Which is my other mind? We've all got two minds - didn't you know - ?

Baz- Usually tour England in the spring. I enjoyed Beverly too.

Joe Walsh - I'm sure it will be OK.

Ryan Bell - Hey we do have some young Dudes! Ryan is 19 and already appreciates the finer things in life. Nice one.

Willie R. - Wants to know if there really was a black Anglia. Of course there was.

Henrik (Big H) - Nice to hear from you. I heard things were going well. Glad you like RANT. No man - we have periods when we find it again. At least I do. Be well - regards to the chaps.

Steve Green - See you at the gigs.

Jeff Crones asks did I have a clue what this year would be like for me this time last year? Yes I did, Jeff, and I was looking forward to it after three years in the basement. So far, so good.

Dan - Dan's in San Francisco and it's the old "why don't I play the west coast thing" It's not only the promoters Dan, it the radio. If a promoter isn't getting any help from radio, he knows he won't sell tickets or in any event he won't take the chance. I know I would do well on the west coast, but your radio is mostly bought and sold, so I'm effectively cut off. Nobody in LA (except people who read this) even know I've got a record out. Believe me if I could do the left coast I would. They just don't want to pay me enough for me to even break even.

Lauren - Connecticut fans I appreciate, but no Connecticut promoter offered enough for us to break even on a gig. Toad's offer was insulting - so blame Toads, not me.

Martin Hahane: Hell Martin. Long time! I've noted the number. Give me a few weeks as I'm touring. What's a google search? Love, google.

Charles Sweeney enjoys "RANT" in Montana. Spread the word Charles!

Bruce - Sorry Bruce, can't make the west coast this time around.

Bob Muir - See you at Irving Plaza. Rough, wasn't it?

Jeff Pavlock is missing the Rochester gig because he's going south with his wife for their 25th anniversary. A somewhat feeble excuse Jeff. Have it your way. Glad you're happy with RANT.

BobPritchard says take him off the mailing list. His mailbox is loaded with utterly ridiculous useless info. I didn't know mailing lists resulted in that! I believe you can unsubscribe right from there website where you signed up.

Nelson says I rock and it would be the coolest thing if I would mention Happy Birthday E. Huth in the Horse's Mouth. Done.

Bryan says there are three rumours:

1) Am I touring England next spring. I don't know yet, but I usually do.
2) Talk of a DVD. The DVD will be in Oslo last week in January 2002.
3)I don't know about totally unplugged, we are using an orchestra.

Greg Sorice: We're playing the Agora in Cleveland on November 2.

Dennis McCarthy - First of all let me thank you for taking the time to do this. It's a clever idea and a heart felt one. Whether it could work, I don't know, but I've passed your idea on.

Rick A. loves RANT and wants to know if I'd ever live in England again. When the people who run England stop posturing and start repairing I might just give it a go Rick.

Robert James: Yes, the Detroit gig will be with a full band. And a rather special one at at that.

Don Adler: Yes, we "closed" for the New York Dolls in the summer of '73 at the Felt Forum.

Bjorn Svange: We'll be in Oslo in January. I was with Bjorn last week in NYC sorting out the songs.

Jonathan White: You should be fine now. We had a few complaints about half of the Horse's Mouth disappearing off the right hand side. It's not you - it's us and I think it's been corrected now.

Paul Kuettel: So Saint Paul rocks and Minneapolis doesn't? What do I know, I'm just passing through. Yeah, I remember Sheila saving my rear. I did the same thing in Florida. Can't win 'em all. See you at First Avenue.

Phillip: How about a video? It's weird, isn't it. We get VH1 shows discussing Styx's artistic merit - differences - but nothing on Mott. I guess Styx sold more!!! A testament to the great unwashed. Hey, who need video. We're going to do a DVD. P.S. a DVD was also done of Ringo's Chicago gig. I think it comes out in February.

Peejay: "RANT's" doing OK. It doesn't stop, it keeps going. You can't imagine me singing with Roger Hodgson - well, I didn't really - just a couple of harmonies. The beauty and the beast.

Tim Kjera wants to know how to make any sense of September 11th? And he asks if I still believe the words "violence - it's the only thing that makes you see sense". This was written through the eyes of an 18 year old deprived reject who hated everything he hadn't got - including love. Now do you get it?

Linda Acton asks where was I when the planes hit the WTC. I was in bed in Connecticut, Linda. Trudi woke me. I saw the second one go in and watched the buildings fall. Jesse sat on a roof 1/4 mile away and watched it happen.

Joe Sinibaldi - see you in Philly. Shouldn't be a problem. Jon Foster's our tour manager.

Scott: I do know "Overnight Angels" was selling in Japan. BBC Live CD 1995. Not sure about this. I'll ask Trudi. Yes, Windsong put it out.

R.J. Adam: Not this time around, although it was on the original list. See you in Detroit.

Wull wants to know my thoughts on September 11th. It's too early for that.

Craig Reacock lives in Tokyo and loves RANT. Spread the word. Say hi to Morgan. Whatta bloke.

Bob asks how he can get a copy of Artful Dodger. That's another thing I was talking to Bjorn about in new York last week. We may just reorganize "Artful Dodger" a bit and try to release it here in a similar, but more cohesive form.

Stefan Carlsson wants to know if I'm getting paid for "Mum's real Swedish Meatballs (a commercial in Sweden using Roll Away the Stone). Are they injurious to one's health?

Russell - We've been all through it; you know the situation as well as I do. It's not happening. If it was, I would do it.

Andrew Field: All that writing and working 11 hours and three pens. (No bullshit.) Get someone? There's no one around here except me and Trudi. The next record is in January in Oslo. Mojo didn't review RANT. Mmmmmmmm. I'm surprised; I like Mojo. Maybe they think I'm no longer relevant. Who knows.

Steve Turner asks, "Do I only respond to praise." Loved Manchester - hated "Death of A Nation" Churchill was a bastard full stop. Conservatives just elected a new leader, why don't I come back and join up? Well, I don't get slagged off much - at least not in emails, so I usually make it a point to answer when someone does. Apparently, for some reason, I Missed this the first time around. You've got to understand there's a lot of email and like regular mail it sometimes goes missing. Also, if I can't think of anything to say, I skip to the next. So, anyway, Churchill was a bastard. Steve, all leaders are bastards, but you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Churchill and neither would I. Why would I come back and join the Conservatives. They're the ones who created the educational and health crisis that England now finds itself in. I'm not a conservative - never have been.

Wyatt loves RANT. F_ _ _ the stations who don't play it. See me at the Agora. You've got it. Y'know I don't want to be a bitch about this radio thing, but everybody knows. It is bad. And wrong.

Josh Katt says he'll post the peoples questions on the Horses Mouth as it's frustrating only getting the answers. Well, Josh, that's part of the fun. I mean, I never said it was anything other than the "Horse's Mouth." Some of this email is kind of personal too. Maybe some people wouldn't want it!

Patrick Williams has an email address: ianhunter@popstar.com Cheeky sod.

Lee Ritter says 104.3 FM is presenting Irving Plaza - does that mean they're broadcasting live? Dream on.

Ray Whister: Noted.

Karen likes "Rain." So do I.

Kevin - My favourite authors and musicians nowadays. Same ones they always were, Kevin.

Mal Golledge - Australia - Are there any videos of Mott or me around. There' one that's sometimes on EBay. It's a concert Mick and I did in Germany called Beat Palast or something like that. It's a full show with backstage footage. That one's pretty good.

Wil De Clercq - It's entirely up to you Wil. Whatever's the most convenient. Hope it's nothing serious.

I've just done two interviews for Canada and talked to Tracie so I've got to get back into this.

Tim Cypehrs has a band called the "High Road". All the best to the chaps Tim, but John Eddie opens this tour.

Steve Weidemann has emailed stations and venues in the hope of a LA date. Thank you Steve.

Ken MacCollum thinks RANT is great. Spread the word.

Terence Camp - There you go!

Dave Pollock loves RANT and his 7 year old daughter loves "Purgatory". We wanted to put that out as the next single, but we were told by Fuel that it wasn't a good idea. She likes me just as much as NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and Dixie Chicks!!!! Show her a photo - that will cure her!!

Darrell - Mott the Hoople

Tommy Green - Noted

Phil B says, "RANT is f----- great!" Roll on Providence.

Timo Halme: Not Finland - Norway I can do. Next January.

Bob Douglas - Marsha's tried, but y'know, you can only do so much.

Dennis York asks what guitar did I use on Cleveland Rocks on the Ringo tour. I had two 1956 Les Paul Juniors going through a Gibson Goldtop. Love it.

Robert palmer - I don't know if RANT is available on minidisc. Probably not. Which do I prefer? I don't care.

Mike Sodl: There you go!!

Roger: Toad's IS tight. That's why we're not doing it.

Tod Denison: My advice - don't do it. Promoting is a very scary profession. You can easily crap out. Very often what you hate sells tickets and what you love doesn't. Don't do it unless you've got a healthy bank balance you don't mind going through.

Bill Holmes - Len's running around - I'm running around. We do try!!! Lovely review MOMZINE.

Ina - Nein!

Joan - It's lovely what you're doing. It won't work, but it's lovely. I'll tell Trudi - Thanks.

Gene - Another West Coast gig seeker. You can't believe how frustrating it is to get all this email from the West Coast for a gig and yet nothing from radio or promoters.

Judy - It's the fruitloops. Maybe we'll do it come the superbowl!

Joe wants to know if Chicago is the full band. Yes it is and a great one too.

Keith Johnson - ask for Jon Foster

Oel - Who is Tony Carey?

Peter Day - Peter's waging a one man campaign on Bob Harris via his web site to get more play for the album. He says maybe a few more should pester him. He says even old farts need to buy a new album now and again. I don't know about you, but I think this radio mess is being created more by a young fart than old one.

Mike Gebhardt - Noted and passed on

Craig Osborne wants to know my past connection with Northampton. I lived there for 12 years and my eldest two children were born there.

Carl Flores - Keep it going. I don't have a problem signing things, but you can't plan it.

Debbie Moran - I'm sorry Debbie, but we're not doing Indianapolis this time.

Bruce - I don't know if they are standing or sitting venues. Haven't toured the U.S. in a while. Hey - if I can stand up - you can too. It doesn't matter to me.

Phil C. - Thanks.

Lyn Beardsall: Noted

John Council: No tour planned of the south at the moment. Sorry.

Steve Andrews: Somebody told me Ariel's an interior decorator. I know Mick used to be a gardener in Hull - at a girls' school - but you're a bloke.

Mark Wellins: Thanks, but we're OK for going home on that particular date.

Michael: 1) I can't give out set lists before I do the show. 2) I don't think there's any footage of those shows, but you just never know.

Phil Gatz - Nobody at the Westbury Music Fair asked me!

Hope - Thanks for asking about the ear infection. It's gone, but it took a month, so I was kid of anxious.

David Clark - No, Virginia Beach, I'm afraid. I don't know if any of the albums are on minidisc. No more out takes from early albums to my knowledge. Do I still keep in touch with Queen? Not lately, but Roger and Brian have always been mates - it's geography.

Jon Mitchell - Get RANT. Was Ginger Baker awkward to work with? Never worked with him Silver Needles was about Sid Vicious.

Phil was in New Zealand, returned to England. Loves RANT - spread the gospel Phil. Glad you agree.

Miguel Gallego - See you in Toronto. I Was.

Brian - We played Cape Cod opening for J. Geils band. I remember Peter Wolf wandered into the dressing room with a bottle. Nice man. I turned Mick onto "Suffering Bastards" at a local bar there.

Judy - Jesse's doing a fund raiser for WTC. I didn't know that, I saw him last week and he never mentioned it. Hey, I'm available now my ear are back. (I was totally deaf for a month).

Nic Stafford asks what ever happened to "Salvation?" It would have been on RANT. In fact, it was written just before RANT. It just kind of got lost. We haven't forgotten it. The verdicts not in on that one.

Willie Robinson - Usually do Britain in the spring, but I'm not that far ahead yet.

Tom wants Earl Slicks real name. You'll have to ask Earl!! What do I think of Short Back 'n' Sides. You say it splits the fans - it splits me too. I think I've written better songs and Mick and I were at kind of a low ebb at the time. We were ripe for the taking and Mick Jones came in and took us! Having said that, I loved the way MJ would record anything that sounded good to him. Radiators, taps, door handles. I thought he was great with the sound end of things. I think it's an interesting album. I wouldn't put it down, but the songs are not as good as some of the other albums.

Andy Morgan: 1) Yes, I did play in Billy Fury's backing band. 2) Billy was a lovely guy, but kind of nervous. I think he always had a problem with his heart - which finally stopped. He was very quiet and polite always came into the dressing room ready dressed and looking as good as Elvis. He took us to his Mum and Dad's house in Liverpool and I was amazed at how many gold records he had. Tons of the things all over the place. Billy loved birds and was a keen ornithologist. He fired us in the end because he wasn't keen on the guitar player and we couldn't find another one so he got a totally different band in the end. I met Johnny Kid too. He was another great. He told me that he made a demo of "Shakin' All Over" for a duo called the Bachelors to record. The Bachelors put the song out, but nothing happened so the record company then released Johnny Kidd's demo version and it went straight to number one.

Jim MC says the image ID type on the RANT cover is wrong - they called it "Rage" instead - same thing.

Jill Marie - Thank "Baby Strange" and I wish them well, but John Eddie's doing the honors this time around.

Stockman - John Eddie's doing the honors this time around.

Anton Tibb - Man, this is a big one. A review of the Ringo tour plus Anton says he ordered two out of print CD's from Record Breakers via this site and the service was excellent and the goods were as advertised. Thanks, Anton.

Steven Woods: Meanwhile back on the West Coast. I'm sorry, Steven, I can't do anything - it's out of my hands.

Mike - Thanks, hope you enjoyed Lupos.

John says I said a year ago tour the U.S. was "too much of a hassle" and asks what happened? RANT!!

Vick Zimmerman loves RANT and says she emailed several LA stations and one DJ actually was turning his listeners onto RANT. I wonder who he was? A little speck of penicillin in a sea of bacteria!!! She says what happened in New York "was very tough on dives like us" and I understand that, but I think it's been tough on everybody. I don't know where to start on this one. At the moment it's beyond me.

Kevin Harrington loves RANT. Spread it Kevin, STW.

Greg Sorice - Thank You.

Janet T - When the Borders contest winner is announced, we will put it on the site.

Tony Martin - Noted.

Ronnie loves RANT. He shaped the guitar in the hard Rock Osaka built by Tokai.

Erik H. - Play list is pretty much set. Just shout what you want - if I know it - I'll do a bit of it.

Wes Thistle - Hope you enjoyed the Boston show.

Joan - The costs of taking a band and crew in a tour bus or taking flights to the west coast adds up to a lot more than promoters are willing to pay for a show. Then there are hotels, per diems, and all the other extra expenses. I get no tour support from the record company - so it has to break even. Simple as that.

Tom Cat Weddle has to get all the lyrics. I don't know; check out some of the MTH/IH web sites that are linked.

Steve Andrews wants to know what I'm listening to at the moment. Dylans new CD.

Eric Law says RANT is great. How you liked Boston.

Diz: Ah aha. regards to all.

David K. Tedds: LA again. Yes, we looked at the House of Blues - but their offer didn't help the bottom line.

Steven Wood: It's not like that Steven. I know you're genuine, but it's not like that.

Luba: Elsewhere on this Horse's Mouth someone says they went to this particular place and the service was good, so check back up this list.

Ian McCooey loved the Liverpool show. Will we be back in the next year or two. I should hope so.

Kelly Turner - You're cute; you know that?

Willie Rovenich asks if I will come to Germany again? Don't know at this time.

Jason Rubin on September 11th. You know, some people leap up and write stuff immediately and some don't. What can you add to what's been said. It takes me a long time; It's just unbelievable.

John: Contact Marty at Fuel 2000 in LA.

Ian Lewis asks would I consider putting set lists on the site. No, not current ones anyway.

Colin Powell from Newcastle - currently in Thailand - says he got a DJ in Pattaya to put "Rip Off" on and 6 lovely bikini clad Thai girls danced to it. Not really what I had in mind Colin, but you can't win 'em all.

Mitch says RANT displayed front and center in Virgin megastore in Dallas. Fab (hope they sell some).

Mark Brotter asks who are in the band. Tony Shanahan on bass guitar; Georgie Woods on keyboards; Steve Holley on drums; James Mastro plays guitar and mandolin and Andy York on guitar. Andy can't do the first two gigs because of John Mellencamp commitments, so Jack Petruzzelli (Joan Osborne's guitarist) will sub. Jack is brilliant, too.

Tim Brown - See, no air play in Pittsburgh - no gig in Pittsburgh. And you know I love Pittsburgh. Tim has been trying with local radio, but with little success. The thing is they are not local radio stations anymore. The play lists are controlled by consultants who knows where with no interest in Pittsburgh.

Steve Rowe - yes, yes, I get the message! But it's the same as the answer above. I don't like this anymore than you do. It's the times we live in.

Andrew Jones thinks RANT is fantastic. Your opinions are totally valid. Thanks.

John Holback: Wants a DC show. I think you just had it.

Jeffrey - The ballad I played on the Ringo show in LA was Irene Wilde from "All American Alien Boy".

Steve Walker - Go to Chicago.

Rick B. Says RANT rules! Thanks.

Jason 23, loves RANT. Janson says "by all accounts" Freddy Mercury could be a right pain. How close did I ever come to hitting him? News to me. Fred was one of the hicest, craziest real stars I ever met and he was always great when I was around. Never felt the inclination to slap him at all. He was a gas.

Mike Keegan asks did I appear on a show called SCTV in Canada in the early 80's? Dunno. I was up there around that time. I remember doing "CHUM" with Mick Ronson.

Bill P. saw the Hunter Ronson show when John Mellencamp took a heavy fall. Have I known Andy since then? No, I only met Andy about two years ago. And he's only been with John for 7 years so he wouldn't have been there.

Tim - South Florida - nope - not this time. Sorry.

Rich Manson - "Salvation" - like I say we may still do it at some point.

Alex Steninger - Noted and froward to Trudi

Mary - I don't think the contest winner has been announced yet.

Ian Stray - Asks when will I come to Norway. Oslo, last week in January 2002, I believe. More details to follow when they become final.

Robert Renwick - Any idea what the password is for the Louisville presale through Ticketmaster? I don't even know what you're talking about Robert. I just play them, sing them and write them.

Kenny - Pittsburgh or Huston - not this time around. Sorry.

John despres - Buy RANT

Ed Marentette - Start traveling.

Frank - Second of two letters in German. Something about playing over there. My Capella Deutsch isn't that good.

Stu says RANT is by far the best record I've ever done and asks if it makes me angry that commercial success seems to be a thing of the past or am I happy with critical acclaim? I just think good music should get played on the radio and crap music shouldn't. The trouble with the music industry is so few actually know what's good and bad. It's all decided by vast amounts of money. There are niches - places like Triple A which is commendable, but, of course, ageism comes into it as well, "His image doesn't fit our play list." Translation, he's old. You know - I do OK and the critical acclaim is great but where we do get air play we DO sell records, so you can't help but wonder how RANT would be doing with the full monte behind it. I have to say, I do like my label in the U.S. They do know about music, but there's a limit to what they can do against the magnitude of the Premier league machine. Hey - I'll live with it. I sure as hell don't lose any sleep.

Walter (my Dad's name was Walter!) How did the name "Mott the Hoople" come about? Guy Stevens found a book entitled "Mott the Hoople" by a guy called Willard Manus.

Ricardo - Tour dates on front page of my site.

Mike Grabou - Cincinnati or Dayton? No nearest would be Cleveland Agora.

Keith Marron - If you're in the right place at the right time.

Chris Kelly has rediscovered me. Suggest Parr Hall in Warrington on the next British tour. We'll see.

Owen Kelley - Nice one.

Jeff - Mott getting together one more time? Dubious.

Jim Hardy from Chicago - Pesters WXRT to play more of RANT but they'll only play one track, "Wash Us Away". That's been one of our best stations! Try some of the others!

Rick Goward - No West Coast dates. We tried. My favourite gig of all time? Dunno. There's a few I wouldn't like to say one. I like all of them these days.

Suzanne wants to know if there's anyway possible to view the back covers of Ian Hunter and the Alien Boy LP's. She had hers stolen years ago. Any suggestions Todd or Justin?

Alan Keirch - I've talked to Dave Stopps a lot lately (he's Howard Jones manager and Howard was on the Ringo tour). He wants to do something when I do the next tour. We'll see.

Alex Romanowsky - No San Francisco shows this time for reason already gone through.

Randy Guy - You never know Randy - you never know.

Tom Pogar found "Artful Dodger" in Tallin, Estonia!! So, now we know where to get it! Silver Needles/Sid Vicious.

Brian Murray say RANT in a store - bought it - and loves it. A pleasure doing business with you.

That's it for now. I've got to get some clothes together. Back on the road. Here we go again!!!

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