Editors Note: Starting with issue #43, the Horse's Mouth column is now posted two parts, about two weeks apart.

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The Horse's Mouth

Issue #44, Part 2 - July 17, 2004

Want to hear it straight from the Horse's Mouth? Ask your question here.

Oeyvind had tickets for Norway. I cannot believe it went that far. Obviously we'll try for next spring. I'm told the promoters are mad at me but it's not my fault. I didn't agree to it! You know when the contracts are signed and it's posted on this website. Like I said, it looked good on paper, we wanted to do it, but I couldn't get the band together!!!!!

Carl/Trondheim: Believe me, I'll be there when it's all sorted out.

Steve Sebert: Loves 'Welcome to the Club'. Are there any other recordings of Mick and me. Well, there's a German video of Beat Club which Mick and I did in the 80's. That's pretty good. I believe that someone is trying to get all of those released properly.

Dave Bennett: Enjoyed Worthen. On about when Tracie used to work in John Isaacs record shop on Saturdays in Shrewsbury. Says Tracie is blonde and beautiful. Actually, Tracie is a blonde, always was.

Tony Prendergast: Liverpool loves us! How do I manage to look so slim? Boiled eggs with the yolks out.

Stuart Knight is moving to Florida and wants to set up a small business enabling him to get an E2 visa. 'Is this the best way to do it?' I don't know, Stuart. I have a green card as my wife's American. That's how I got in. Speak to an immigration lawyer - they know all the tricks.

Scott Dasson: This is to Scott's good friend Ed Opal. C'mon Ed, keep moving. Man, you were lucky. Get better soon.

Tom McGarry: 'Whole McGary family caught Glasgow show and agree it's the best gig we've ever seen - newspaper reviews were great too.' Which one of my songs does Andy like best? Actually, at that time, he was chuffed with 'Irene Wilde' as he'd changed the arrangement. Says Andy 'tore into' '23A' at the Garage.

Derwood Andrews: DER!!!! How goes it? I'll get back to you.

Steve Parsons: London and Worthen. Thought London gig the better one but the wife and kids enjoyed a weekend in Shrewsbury and went to Iron Bridge (did you know one of my ancestors built that).

Phil Monaghan: 'In Preston you mentioned Bispham - any connection with 'Ships'? Big connection. My parents lived on Caxton Avenue. (I never did but they did and my brother did.)

Richard Mills: 'Sane Revolution' was a Guy Stevens idea. I didn't know until now that it wasn't the full version. It seemed appropriate at the time.

Todd Huber is from Cleveland and says he's not hung up on the fact that 'England Rocks' is 'their' theme song. NO, Todd. I originally wrote 'Cleveland Rocks' for Cleveland. I changed it later to 'England Rocks' because I thought it should be a single somewhere and Columbia wouldn't release it as a single in the U.S. (too regional). 'Cleveland Rocks' is Cleveland's song and that the truth. Hates Clear Channel, corporate rock sucks a big one (and it has done for 25 years.) Why do so many fans pay monster bucks to see homogenized crap just to line CC's pockets? 'Bowie was in town in January and the highest ticket was under $50 and it was great considering he played a 9,000 seat venue. Sorry for the rant. Get back to Cleveland.' I think I will be and quite soon too.

Peter Kazaleh says 'Irene Wilde's' got him out of trouble more than once. Please play Connecticut.

Jim Hanratty saw us open for the Kinks at the Spectrum, Philly. And you're still alive!

Jeffrey Stanke: So let's get this straight, Jeffrey. I remind you of Irv, the bus driver? Well, I read it and - all in all - I think Irv was probably a better human being than I could ever be. See Irv got more fun out of that little bus route than I ever could. I've known people like that; totally happy with their lot. I could never be like that.

Martin Lapham: Pulls me up on the fact I did swear on records. 'Moon Upstairs' e.g. Well - that's once. Not bad considering the body of work. My father heard 'Ships' before he passed away. 'You didn't play 'Moon Upstairs' at Bristol and it's my fault because I said you had two chins in a previous email, but you looked the picture of health in Bristol.' Don't try and worm your way back in Lapham; the damage is done!!

Bob Kleb: Will MTH Live be available in the U.S.? The last I heard when I was in London and Phil Savill who runs Sony Legends said Sony U.S. were well impressed with the package. I've heard nothing since, but that's not uncommon nowadays. Does my Mum attend my shows? No, she's passed, but Minnie Ronson was at the Astoria. My Mum loved everything I did and compiled loads of scrapbooks which are locked away somewhere in the vaults at Hunter Towers.

Stefan: 'Excellent gig in the Belgium club Spirit of 66. What a performance - what a band.' We didn't even sound check. We got there, got changed, went on and it was great. Full marks to the unsung hero, Andy Keating, for having the gear perfect. 'Start writing!' I would if I could.

Ed: 'I heard (John) Bonham got in a fight with MTH backstage at the Uris - is that true?' John wanted to play on 'Dudes' and Buff wouldn't let him. John was a little the worse for wear and also out of order. He kicked Buff and Buff had a lump the size of an egg on his leg. They were all there. Plant and me slid off. It was just silly.

Kevin McGoverin: Stan says I forgot! You've got to understand something about Stan. He lies through his teeth at all times. It's Stan that forgot not me!!! Sure - put my name forward. We'll do it next time - sorry (it was Stan not me).

Moth Poet Hotel: Loves Mott's new Anniversary CDs. 'Strings' CD + DVD effing amazing. (I'd hate to be George Michael.) 'What is a Waterlow'? It's a park which Renee describes so beautifully.

Steve Hall: 'I've seen you at Leeds a few times - this was the best and the busiest- did the atmosphere come across as special? They were all special. I'm serious; they were all special.

Jeffrey S says there is a 'Half Moon Bay' in Jamaica. It's hot; can't you do something about this humidity?

Larry Woodside: Noted.

Lofty: Another one with the cover songs. sure, I'd do it, but somebody from a label has to suggest it to make it work.

Monica Lockett: 'What does it look like inside the Horse's Mouth?' It looks pretty good at the moment - I just gargled.

Tom (Edinburgh): When did Hibs last win the Scottish Cup? 1902! He says Buffalo Bill was still only 54. Still - you ain't an 'ackies supporter. Didn't you just sign someone big? Anyway, it's all money now isn't it?

Steve Green: Justin can put it up it up on the web site, but for anything else, you've got to get a sync license from Jesse John Music, LLC. (P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752).

Seraphrenology: And you pulled down your shades - dazzled. Well, I'm glad you finished up with that. I was worried for a minute. Actually, this light thing can annoy. We don't carry lights nor do we carry a lighting guy to make us look lovely. I tell them - amber and red - that's it - amber and red wash. We'll do the rest. Some chaps just can't help themselves and it's not nice to stop the show and tell them off. Such is life. As for you; not bad. Not bad at all. Keep doing it.

Pete Lewis: Would I work with Nick Cave? Well, I don't know him but I like some of the things he does. Would I have worked with Rory Gallagher? I knew Rory when he was still in Ireland before he made it. Lovely chap. Well bluesy, but we could have done something.

Gino: Was Keith an influence on your open G tuning? Well, Keith's best known for it, but I think it was Ralpher who showed me.

Emile Mooney: I've forgot them. Just make them up!

Janey Todd: 'Prat' is the correct limey lingo, but I think it's also a small fish. Both band's great company.

Peter: Talking about Newcastle Opera House closing. Somebody please open it again! Great gig.

Jim Miller: When will 'All of the Good Ones' be re-released? Don't know. 'How about doing another East Street band album - this time with Clemmons?' Well, it took me all this time to find my own great bands. Why would I nick Bruce's again?

Pat: Says 'Pearl and Roy' is still relevant.

John Clark: Can I confirm next UK tour next spring? As far as I know, at this point yes - but anything can happen.

David Fowler: Thank you, David.

Tom Boone says thanks for answering all the questions and then asks me some questions I can't answer.

Glen (the rock): Try Amazon for now. I don't know where you live - U.S.?

Kevin: Kevin asks which one of his dreams I would go for. I would go for the second one. It is, however, a dream - thank God (I and II). Do I read a lot of message board stuff and does it help in my decision making? Never read the message board. Strange - but true. That's not for me - it's for you.

Terje Halvorsen asks why was Oslo canceled? Again, it was never on. I didn't agree to it. I didn't sign a contract. I plan to do Oslo in the spring when I have my band again, properly. The sad thing is - had it been October - there was a window there.

Mr. Betteroff: 'How did it fell when you lost the lottery?' I never bought a ticket.

Drew Hosey asks how do I get along with Pete Townsend? Just fine.

Rich Van Dyke - Thanks.

Shug Cassidy: The news on the Astoria DVD is it will be released around Christmas.

Bjarne Borck: South Sweden or Denmark? Hopefully, next spring.

Dave P's 10 year old and wants to know if I give piano lessons. Nope - but I need a few. Hi, Rachel!

Pete McDermott gets this month's prize. 'You have restored my faith in music.'

Barry S./Los Angeles: Yes, the LA promoters are cheap and stupid. Not only that, but they don't want you playing anywhere within a 60 mile radius of their precious gig before or after, so you can't pile them up and make it work. When they do their job properly - I'll be there to do mine.

J. Scott/Ft. Worth, Texas: 'Bowie just had heart surgery - take care of yourself- you need to play Billy Bob's without Ringo!' Well, I feel bad about David's thing but I think he's fine now. And I loved playing Billy Bobs with Ringo and I'm sure I'd enjoy it anyway. Listen to the diplomat!

Colin Powell: You guys don't need me anymore. You got your own network going. Nah - I'll be there.

Jimmy Ashhurst: That the great thing about music - you just never know. Please don't believe in luck or the lack of luck. Luck is how you force it.

Andrew Jones: 'Astoria fantastic'. Two T-shirts for the price of one might have solved the arguments in your household, but it wouldn't have solved the arguments in mine!

Brian Cottrill: Yes, a new DVD will come out soon. 'Bjorn did a great job on the DVD and 'Artful Dodger'. Glad you noticed. I know I did.

Kelly: Fiance converted. That is the only way your marriage can be happy. Good for him. Best of luck to you both and tell me if he doesn't treat you right!

Steve Daniels: 'Is there a version of American Spy that doesn't sound like it has an F bomb in it? (Steve produces radio shows). What's an F bomb? Not that I'm aware of (what's he on about?).

Bryan: Any chance of a U.S. tour with Mick? Well, the powers that be tell us Mick and I cannot garner enough financial support for a U.S. tour under our own names. If, However, we decide to call ourselves 'Mott the Hoople' (of which we are but 2/5ths), then we can make good money. Ralpher and I - no -quasi MTH. Pathetic, isn't it?

And on that fond note - I'm out of here!! Sorry to the missed ones. It's 12:40 AM at Hunter towers. It was a beautiful evening and I'm off to bed.

Keep 'em coming,

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